Experience medicine the way it used to be
with no barriers between you & your physician  
Co-pay Free, Deductible Free, & Problem Free.  

We are considering multiple locations in Wyoming (especially Cheyenne) and we will be powered by Proactive MD.

If you are looking for other practices
across the nation please visit DPC Frontier.



What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary care practices are designed to serve only the needs of the patient.  As a member patient you may contact Dr. Eskew directly without any barriers.  No insurance or government middlemen get in the way of clinical decision making.  We believe in price transparency and will do our best to help you navigate the rest of the healthcare system in an effective manner.  Dr. Eskew also runs DPC Frontier, a website designed to share valuable DPC research with fellow DPC Physicians.

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Why Should I Sign Up?

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

As a member patient at Frontier DPC you will have access to the following:

1) Transparent Prices ($50 - $90 per month)
2) Visits In Many Forms (in-person, online, phone)
3) Discount Labs & Ancillary Prices
4) Private & Accurate Medical Records
5) Minimal Wait for Appointments

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How Do I Sign Up?

Frontier Direct Primary Care is in the planning stages and we hope to open multiple practices in Cheyenne and other locations across Wyoming.

Signing up is easy.  You can view and change your payment information online, just like you can view your medical record online.  Don't delay - once our patient panels are full we will no longer be able to accept additional patients.  

No barriers!  No confusion!